Copytesting helps companies write better-converting copy.

If you use words to nudge people toward taking action, you need Copytesting.
Copywriting is one of the last strongholds of opinions in a data-informed world.

If you want to optimize your website copy—take what's there and make it better—there's no good way to go about it. Why? Because you don't have any data on this stuff.

How do you know which parts are good or bad?

• Does the headline make people want to keep reading?
• Are the arguments you're making in the following sections even stuff that people care about?
• Do they understand what you're trying to say?
• After reading everything, what remains unclear?
• Where in the copy did they want to stop reading?

Do you have data on this? You don't.

Google Analytics can't tell you anything about the copy. Heat maps don't show you anything about the copy. User testing is not designed for this.

In most cases, you're left with opinions: "I think this is good!" or "This sucks."

When you consider how important copywriting is for marketing and conversion optimization, it's pretty crazy.

It's insane that there's no data to tell you which parts of your copy suck, which messages don't resonate with the audience, or which parts really hit home.

Well, until now.

This is why we built Copytesting—to solve this problem.

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Copytesting is brought to you by the people behind CXL.

Peep Laja

Founder and CEO at CXL and Copytesting. Champion of optimization and experimentation.

Peep came up with the idea for Copytesting by solving his own problem—optimizing sales copy for CXL Institute. This led to the realization that this is a massive problem all around.

Jaan-Matti Saul

Co-founder, Head of Product at Copytesting.

Jaan has been leading product research, development, and design efforts at Copytesting. Former conversion optimization pro at CXL. Building products since 2008.