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Copy is the single most important element for driving conversions

Copytesting is the only audience research tool for copy.

Get quantified insights on how the very people you're selling to perceive your messaging.
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Get data on where your copy misses the mark, so you can fix it (and get better results)

Better words get better results. Getting your product messaging, strategic narrative and sales pitch right is how you make more money.

The problem with improving your messaging is that you don't know what parts of the copy help you increase the conversion rate, what hurts your sales - and why.

• What does your headline make them feel?
• Do they care about the arguments you're making?
• Which benefits are they most interested in?
• Do they even understand the copy in the third paragraph?
• What remains unclear?

Copytesting is the only tool that gives you answers from your actual target audience—in a matter of hours.

Highlight what needs testing.

Enter your website URL and quickly select the content blocks where you want to ask research questions.

The content blocks can be as granular (e.g., just the headline) or large (e.g., a whole section) as you want.

Quantified data to identify sections that need improvement

Real people from your target audience will assess the clarity and relevance of selected content blocks.

Copytesting does statistical significance calculations for content blocks and gives you a ClarityScore (how clear it is) and CareScore (do people care about your argument) for each block.

This tells you where the problems are and what the problems are—so you can fix them.

Qualitative answers to understand the specific issues

You can ask research questions about particular content blocks and learn which messages resonate with the audience—or turn them off.

Fix what needs improvement.

Now you’re armed with actual data for where are the problems in your copy, and exactly what the issues are. You can either have a stab at it yourself, or pass on the data to your copywriter.

Check for results

Once you’ve made the fixes, you can do another round of feedback for validation - or just test with your actual traffic to see what the effect on your conversion rate is.

Iterate fast, grow faster

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