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The problem with improving the copy on your website is that you don't know which bits are good, and what turns your audience off.

What should you do more of, what should you cut or re-write?

Web analytics or heat maps can't tell you anything about this. That's why we built Copytesting.

You're about to have the best words

Copytesting is the only tool that gives you data on how to improve your web copy.

We show you which paragraphs are good, and give you feedback from your target audience on what the specific issues are.

Results in just 2-4 hours

Fast turnaround: once you start a new copy test, we'll get you the results typically within 2-4 hours. (During US business hours).

Good copy increases conversions. Bad copy kills your conversions.

With Copytesting, you finally have data on how to make your copy better. Improve your copy, convert more users.

Highlight what needs testing

Copy-paste your website or landing page copy into Copytesting.

Get quantified feedback to identify sections that need improvement.

People from the selected audience will mark parts of your copy as good (interesting, emotional, compelling, etc) or bad (boring, bland, unclear, etc).

Copytesting will highlight parts that are statistically significantly good or bad, or mediocre. This tells you which parts of the copy to focus on.

Qualitative comments to understand what specifically needs improvement.

For every rating copy testers will add comments for what exactly is unclear about something, or what makes itboring, or what's the problem with a particular sentence.

Fix what needs improvement.

Now you’re armed with actual data for where are the problems in your copy, and exactly what the issues are. You can either have a stab at it yourself, or pass on the data to your copywriter.

Check for results

Once you’ve made the fixes, you can do another round of feedback for validation - or just test with your actual traffic to see what the effect on your conversion rate is.

Iterate fast, grow faster

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